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Download Song Official Video for “No Hay Amigo” produced by SPK, in colaboration with New York Mets Jose Reyes who is now doing music as a hobby, This song will be included in SPK’s compilation album. Omega El Fuerte has a cameo appearance 0n this video. We would like to thank the following for being part of the entire production for “No Hay Amigo” : SPK, Big Mato, Vakero, Jose Reyes, julio Voltio El Chamaco, L Jay, El Poeta Callejero, El Vakero, SPKilla, 168 Films, Edgar Taveras, BB Inc, Mario Frias. Follow SPK 0n Twitter @SPKilla Hit the like button 0n his facebook page Translation for Jose Reyes Verse: There are no friends, a friend is a dollar in my pocket, as soon as you turn your back your friends want to stab you in the back, the truth is a verdadero friend is a glass full of water in the desert to quench your thirst, see what I’m saying, there are many fake friends that dream of having what you have, I can tell you’re a bad friend, I can see it in your face that you want to be my friend just so I can give you, where were you when I use to practice without any food to eat or when I use to spend a week with the same T-shirt, there are no friends, friends are my mother and my father, the ones who struggled with me to make me who I am.

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